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Episode 59 – Improve your Brand: be kind and humble

Did you know Digital Media has already surpassed Traditional Media spending? 7 out of every 10 (mobile shoppers) shoppers research for a product online before they purchase? and 100’s of Retailer are closing their doors. Probably, one of the most important reasons why this is happening is because many business feel entitled to loyalty from their customers, or because business owners think what worked before…it also has to work now. But this is so far from the truth, as we see generational changes and a much bigger impact of the internet in people’s life and how its affecting their purchasing behavior.

Today we cover Brand: be kind and humble.

Welcome to this mini-series of tips to help you improve your brand presence online (if you have one). During the following weeks we will cover different aspects you should be already working on, so you don’t fall behind your competition!


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  • Make an effort to always be welcoming to those who are around you: collaborators and customers.

  • Be kind and humble. Say please and thank you.

  • Give your full attention to those who you are in contact with. Personalize as much as you are able to.

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