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Podcast Episode # 63. Google’s Assistant & Artificial Intelligence – AI

Episode 63 – Google’s Assistant & Artificial Intelligence – AI

Recently Google presented the Google Assistant Duplex and the new improvements coming up for its core products Gmail plus other enhancements made to their Android P Beta.

I am really excited to see the giant improvements made to Google’s products using Artificial Intelligence (AI) which they have been using for several years.

Many features will now be available to the general public in the upcoming months. Consumer behavior is changing and will continue to change as there are more opportunities to interact with the world and how they consume products and services.

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Today we discuss some of the excitement announcements made by Google. You can watch Google’s Key Note 2018 here.

  • Google AI

  • Gmail: Smart Compose

  • Google Assistant: Google Duplex with 6 voices available!

  • Android P Beta: Time spend on device, App timer, Do Not Disturb, Wind Down.

We’ll meet again for a new Podcast’s Episode next Friday! Thanks for listening to my Podcast!

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