Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Below are some of the services we offer to our clients. Because every business is unique, we tailor our services to your specific needs thus guaranteeing better ROI.


Because your brand represents everything your business is. It's more than a beautiful website, more than a logo or than just a product. Let's work together and deliver a well articulated message that clearly represents you while delivering the value proposition your clients are looking for.


I can help you build and protect a favorable brand reputation for your business. It means consumers trust your company, and feel good about purchasing your goods or services. Nobody is perfect, that is why you can capitalize on any opportunity to show your clients that they are really important for you.


Your Human Resources are your most important asset. I can help evaluate your Company's Culture and design a strategy to engage your employees. Topics include: motivation, multiculturalism, customer exceptional experience, generational Gap or culture.


I can develop and implement an effective e-Mail Marketing campaign and automation tools to capture leads and produce sales. Integrate your e-Commerce site with e-Mail Marketing, cart recovery and returned sales.


Improve and develop your team's Digital and Marketing Skills. Courses cover different areas such as: Marketing, Digital Marketing, Productivity, Collaboration Tools and more. Small groups preferred.


Video is the most engaging tool to transmit information to prospective customers. Your Social Media presence needs to be relevant, fun, and engaging. I can help you stand out from the crowd.

Marketing Services

We work with people, companies, social entrepreneurs, and nonprofits on projects such as branding, marketing planning, and consulting. We team up with professional experts to deliver the best solutions and the best value to your business.

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