Meet Juan LLerena

Meet Juan LLerena

Demographics in America are changing rapidly. I understand the different different demographic markets (Anglo-american and Hispanic-american communities). I can help you design your business strategies and marketing plan to reach out to specific demographics to achieve better results. I have developed a partnership with successful professionals in different industries. I have an ample work background and lots of years of experience I can put to your advantage. Passion, creativity and hard work to your service. Juan LLerena lives in beautiful Waconia, Minnesota.


Juan is a Visionary Social Entrepreneur. He is constantly looking for ways to conserve the planet and find creative ways to create opportunities for people worldwide to sustain themselves and their families. He believes everyone has the right to live with dignity and to have a chance to better themselves. Juan has first-hand experience creating/developing and establishing a successful retail and e-Commerce business in the Twin Cities. He understands the challenges that small business owners face everyday in this competitive global economy.


Juan is also a speaker (Spanish native speaking and English speaking) passionate about Business Excellence, Customer Service (Exceptional Experience), business culture and Motivational speaker. He has a proven record of management style empowering employees to be successful themselves and drive company productivity and profitability up.


Juan also has over 17 years experience in the Retail Industry with over 12 years in a Management position leading a team of professionals to succeed and stay competitive in the retail industry. He is constantly looking for ways to stay up-to-date with Business trends and technological changes that are shaping every business in its own particular way. Additionally, Juan has 10 years of experience working on Consulting Projects and redesigning processes for a health provider and financial services. “I understand money by placing your marketing dollars where you will get the best ROI. My background includes experience in Business Administration & Marketing, System Analysis and Web & Mobile development. We can leverage the power of Social Media to reach out to more customers to help you attain your sale goals.” says Juan Llerena.


Outside from work, Juan enjoys a healthy lifestyle and is constantly learning about meditation, relaxation and anything that nurtures positively the soul and body. “I enjoy playing soccer, tennis and jogging. Most of all, I enjoy the time I can spend with my loved ones doing activities that help to make this world a better place”.


Juan is a native Spanish Speaker. Although working on a Business English setting, Juan sees the Spanish Market as an opportunity for business to find growth.


I enjoy sharing my professional journey with those who can benefit from it. I know that giving without expecting anything in return is a very rewarding experience. Let me know how I can serve you.

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