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Why did I start the Online Marketing Podcast? Well, I am an entrepreneur myself and I understand the difficulties of starting a new business, having lots of ideas and the challenges to find time during the day to produce great results. After many trials and errors, I have found a formula that works for me: commitment, a schedule and lots of hard work and motivation.


I truly believe that by sharing my own experiences, and the ones from others, we can all benefit in our entrepreneurial journey to accelerate the process from starting our own business to start producing rewards (aka money) while doing something we are passionate about.


Something you need to know about me, and that is what my passions are: business (specially the ones that contribute with society – social responsibility), online marketing and the use of technology to help make our lives easier.


I can develop and implement an effective e-Mail Marketing campaign and automation tools to capture leads and produce sales. Integrate your e-Commerce site with e-Mail Marketing, cart recovery and returned sales.


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Online Marketing Podcast - JLLB Media and Marketing Tips and Strategies to let the world know about your products and services!

Online Marketing Podcast - JLLB Media and Marketing Tips and Strategies to let the world know about your products and services!

A Community for Entrepreneurs


Who is this podcast for? every Entrepreneur can take something from our Podcast, because all of us can learn something new related to Online Marketing; and because all of us can do a better job at becoming more effective and efficient in our personal lives and businesses.


Even if you are an expert in a particular topic within the Online Marketing world, I bet you could also learn from other aspects of it too. So this show is for everyone, the one who has no experience with the Online Marketing world but someone who has a passion for their business, whatever that is.


I work very hard, and I hope that every episode will keep you entertained, but that it will also make you think about your entrepreneurial projects or business ideas that you can turn into action that very same day!


As I am constantly in a quest to perfection, I will appreciate your opinions and positive criticism, so please share your thoughts with us by filling out the contact form and tell us how we are doing.

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