Podcast Episode # 23. Vertical Social Network

Vertical Social Network

What is a Vertical Social Network?

Let’s start by saying all social networks are very general because all their users are very different and broad.

Unlike a vertical social network, where all users have something in common, they all work in the same field, share the same hobbies, and that makes them much more specific and niche.

Many people like to think of LinkedIn, a professional social network, but if you think about it, you can find a wide arrange of professionals within this social network. A true Vertical Social Network can go into very much detail. Think of github.comhttps://github.com/ (coders) where developers work together on open source technologies. Why do developers love it so much? because it lets them collaborate and participate with other developers and make software even better.

Online Marketing Podcast - JLLB Media and Marketing Tips and Strategies to let the world know about your products and services!
Online Marketing Podcast – JLLB Media and Marketing Tips and Strategies to let the world know about your products and services!

Nowadays, you can see VSN that are born around sites like Airbnb.com and Uber.com with users that share their experiences and make the most out of these opportunities when traveling for either pleasure or work.

Imagine of a 10% or 20 % of the world’s population, one million people or even 100k people can get connected together for the right purpose can be immensely useful and powerful.

Even having a niche social network or VSN with thousands of members can simply serve a purpose, provide value, fill gaps, make life more efficient or convenient, or provide support. The more specialized it is, the better because the value of the information, and the content will be more useful for users.

Let’s talk about a business opportunity for you to think about: Restricted Content in the form of Subscription Site, where you can provide specialized information, organized information and curated information as specific as you want for your topic of expertise, where people can sign up to your site and pay a monthly or yearly fee, to access your content. An example, if you create a site that is specific to people that loves food and wants to enjoy local ethnic restaurants or ethnic grocery stores, share videos, photos, experiences, review products,etc this might be a good opportunity to monetize it. Either by paid subscriptions or by paid sponsors to keep content free.

This is a great idea to consider implementing a Vertical Social Network. How do you implement it? in future episodes we will talk about ideas on how to obtain the maximum benefit from these applications and more plug ins to obtain the functionality you need to launch your business venture.


WordPress https://wordpress.com/

Buddypress https://buddypress.org/

WordPress Plug In – Content Restriction Plug in – Pay Membership Pro and others. http://www.paidmembershipspro.com/add-ons/free-add-ons/pmpro-woocommerce/

Woocommerce https://woocommerce.com/

Juan LLerena - JLLB Media & Marketing

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