Podcast Episode # 4. Why an entrepreneur?

Why to become an entrepreneur?

It’s Monday! let’s have a great start of the week! Today we are talking about Why to be an Entrepreneur. But we are not going to approach it from the conventional perspective, instead we will take a look at ourselves, of why we decided to start our ventures or perhaps why we are considering to become entrepreneurs.

It is worth to be on that regular 9-5pm job? Are you happy? What can you do to change that? Perhaps, you are happy where you are at, but maybe you have the desire to create something on your own.

If that is you this episode is for you!

Please visit us at our contact form at jllbmedia.com and let us know what motivates you to start your business venture, or to what stops you from doing it! I look forward to hear from you! Let’s connect and start building this community because it is for you!

Remember, today it’s another to create, compete and be happy! Ciao!



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