Podcast Episode # 5. SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

  • Strengths

  • Weakness

  • Opportunities

  • Threats

Everyone can benefit of performing a SWOT analysis, to develop a strategy to proactively resolve a problem or gain an edge on your business or venture.

In today’s show we’ll get some ideas on who can benefit from it and what are the best practices to perform your SWOT analysis.

As an assignment for today, schedule a SWOT analysis in your calendar for your business or business idea, if you don’t have one yet, let’s pretend you are running a gas station in a busy intersection and you are facing new competition from another gas station.

What strategies could you put into place after a SWOT analysis is made? I look forward to hear from you! email us or fill out the contact form at jllbmedia.com


GLIFFY (create your digital SWOT analysis and share it with your team of collaborators):



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