Podcast Episode # 9. Online Marketing Basics

Online Marketing Basics

Hello Entrepreneurs at hearts! It’s Friday and almost time to recharge batteries again. Today’s goal, is cover some basic ideas related to Online Marketing as an introduction for those who are not that familiar with certain terms. Let’s get down to business:

1. SEO. Search Engine Optimization or simply: be found organically (in a natural way) in a search engine aka Google.  You can listen to our previous episode related to Episode 6 – SEO where we discuss more details about this important topic.

2. ADWORDS. also referred as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or paid advertising; or sometimes referred as pay per click advertisement.

3. SOCIAL NETWORKS. It’s hard not to be on a social network/social media platform. As a business it’s really important to have a presence where your customers are -the same space- The most important ones as of today? facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube.

 4. eMail Marketing. The same as the bulk mail we still receive in our mailboxes, but this is a more personalized and cheaper way to reach an audience to let them know about your service or product. The challenge? to have a high quality database.

5. eCommerce. A store front online. Yes, where virtually anyone can shop from. There is a lot of competition but with the right techniques, content and product you can earn a living online.

 8. Many more concepts to learn along the way! We will cover other terms we need to learn such as: google analytics, social media analytics, website and more…and this makes me really excited to form our own community where we can learn from each other.

I really hope today’s episode was helpful, and that it will help us all learn a little bit more everyday. Have a terrific weekend.

It’s great to know you are out there, in the other side =) let us know if you are enjoying and share your questions at our contact form.

See you next week!

Juan LLerena - JLLB Media & Marketing

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